Synchrony dual optic accommodating lens

05-Sep-2017 13:57

I have been using this lens for more than six years, and I am continually impressed with the outcomes in my patients—I have implanted more than 400 Synchrony IOLs over the past six years.

When asked about spectacle use on patient surveys, currently close to 97% of patients reply they are spectacle independent.

Chang says that for any moving optic, the resulting amount of accommodative shift is proportional to the dioptric power of the IOL.

This limits the accommodative potential for myopic patients requiring lower-power optics.

The Synchrony is the first dual-optic accommodating IOL, and is a single-piece silicone lens that has a high-powered 32 D anterior optic joined to a rear minus-powered optic by flexible silicone spring-like struts.

Ray-tracing analysis using optical modeling software (ZEMAXTM, Focus Software Inc., Tucson, Ariz) in a theoretical model eye was used to analyze lens configurations to optimize the accommodative and magnification effects of axial lens displacement.