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And the doctor said I was still fertile." "Even so," Mazie said. "We tried normally a lot and then it's been the in vitro that never worked, and now it's going to be artificial insemination for the third and last time. Before the accident, Melvin was proud of his son and his athletic abilities so much like his own. " "Danny, don't talk like that." "Come off it, Mom.

We both wanted a child, but I suspected that having a second would make him feel more alive and vital once again. I sat there staring ahead, knowing what he had said was true.

you don't even know if YOU can get pregnant anymore. Mazie got that look you get when you see a hurt you can't heal, but want to try anyway. All of a sudden, lots of things I never said before were streaming out: "It's Mel. It was pitiful before, but now, after the accident ..." "It can't be that—" "It's worse than you think. And since he's been paralyzed, he can barely keep an erection, if that's what you want to call that semi-hard thing, for more than a minute. All the men, going back generations, are carbon copies. The years of jealousy and scorn had turned their relationship sour, and even though it might have been my imagination, I think that Danny actually rubbed his superiority in his father's face at any chance he got.

Mazie took a sip and hesitated before saying, "Well ... Mazie, maybe you're right." I slumped into the chair at the kitchen table. I'm betting in two weeks or so you'll be expecting again and all this talk will be something we'll laugh about." She patted my hand and rubbed my arm to comfort me, but I didn't feel any comfort. Mel never cared about my needs or maybe he didn't know what my needs were, or what any woman's needs were. Now, I felt he was jealous of Danny's perfect body, always comparing his own withered limbs against his son's strong and fully-functioning legs. "We have to get it to the clinic so they can care for it until tomorrow, when I go for the procedure." "Tell me you really think it'll work this time.

Even more desperately these last five years since the accident that left him paralyzed, his legs useless and withered. Or, at least go to another plan." He still hadn't looked up from his phone.

Any rational person would know it's not enough in volume or potency to get me pregnant. Too bad he couldn't lend his father some of that rocket fuel. "Maybe not," I whispered again, my non-seeing eyes on the window, but my inner vision in deep thought over a wild idea that almost bubbled to the surface of my consciousness. You know that." "How do suppose I can keep track of what goes on outside this damned hospital? It's beautiful here." My husband had his fourth unsuccessful spinal operation and was rehabbing yet again. "Jennifer, you do whatever it takes to get that boy on the right track. " "Anyway, today's not a good day for him to be here. I'm ovulating tomorrow and we're trying again." I dug into my bag and showed him one of the two identical cup. And I want you to use your mouth to get me hard." "Mel, you know I don't do that." It was true; something had always kept me from performing oral sex.

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