Updating kernel from source

25-Sep-2017 17:57

updating kernel from source-53

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The kernels provided by Debian include the largest possible number of features, as well as the maximum of drivers, in order to cover the broadest spectrum of existing hardware configurations.

This is why some users prefer to recompile the kernel in order to only include what they specifically need. First, it may be to optimize memory consumption, since the kernel code, even if it is never used, occupies memory for nothing (and never “goes down” on the swap space, since it is actual RAM that it uses), which can decrease overall system performance.

A locally compiled kernel can also limit the risk of security problems since only a fraction of the kernel code is compiled and run.

If you choose to compile your own kernel, you must accept the consequences: Debian cannot ensure security updates for your custom kernel.

Then you want to upgrade your kernel version, but still have your modification?

The most natural way is to work with branches and merges. also in some files put original code line after my modified code line !!

By keeping the kernel provided by Debian, you benefit from updates prepared by the Debian Project's security team.

package) with comprehensive documentation about most kernel related tasks and about how official Debian kernel packages are handled.

updating kernel from source-55

validating xml parser definition

An actual data corruption was not observed, yet the race was was confirmed by adding assertion to check tlb_flush_pending is not set by two threads, adding artificial latency in change_protection_range() and using sysctl to reduce kernel.numa_balancing_scan_delay_ms.Setting up a proper kernel yourself - lean, mean and tailored to your hardware, is the challenge by which a linux user can graduate to becoming a Funtoo knight ;-) Even though many of us are using enterprise-ready kernels in datacenters, there is almost nobody who hasn't at least considered building a kernel for his laptop / PC.We are showing here how an intermediate Linux user can use an alternative to the standard beginners "genkernel" approach, to compile a custom kernel, in a relatively speedy and easy set up.Rebasing records the branch backwards, and replays the changes on top of another commit.

…inux-nfs Pull NFS client fixes from Anna Schumaker: "A few more NFS client bugfixes from me for rc5.In order to let root use my X display, I do the following in my X terminal: get root rights; merge my own (alien's) Xauthority file with the one from the root user, and set the DISPLAY variable.

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