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01-Jan-2018 13:05

A team of researchers led by psychologist Sam Gosling at the University of Texas at Austin wanted to find out.They posted a questionnaire online as part of a larger study about personality called the Gosling-Potter Internet Personality Project.Religion in India is the foundation for most areas of life for individuals and families.More than 80 percent of Indians are Hindus and over 13 percent are Muslims.You should now be equipped to work with large datasets, to create robust models of linguistic phenomena, and to extend them into components for practical language technologies.We hope that the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) has served to open up the exciting endeavor of practical natural language processing to a broader audience than before.

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Shrines and places of pilgrimage in one region may differ entirely from those in other areas, and while many follow the Vedas as being sacred texts and dharma as moral code, not all do.Karma is based largely on what you did while alive, good and bad [source: BBC].Indian Muslims follow Islam and its singular god, Allah, and they refer to the Qur'an as their sacred text.Some obvious disciplines include translation, literary criticism, philosophy, anthropology and psychology.

Many less obvious disciplines investigate language use, including law, hermeneutics, forensics, telephony, pedagogy, archaeology, cryptanalysis and speech pathology.In spite of all that has come before, language presents us with far more than a temporary challenge for computation.

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