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27-Dec-2017 02:51

She looks terrified as she is pushed and shoved by a group of men, who eventually strip her naked.

In the background, attackers yell "Toa" -- Swahili for "take it off! "It's so sad that these men who strip women are the same same men who ...

But this meant reliving her nightmare.“The police gave me hidden cameras and bugs.

I had to work in the brothel again for two weeks before the police helped me to escape.

Thousands of Russian girls living abroad are being forced to work as sex slaves.

The United States says Russia is one of the world's main sources of trafficked women.

The attack captured on video last week prompted outrage on social media under the hashtag #mydressmychoice.

Protesters marched through downtown carrying placards that read "My dress, my choice" while others donned mini-skirts, the same attire the unidentified woman wore when she was attacked. Others joined the march to rally against the protests, chanting "don't be naked" and "wear clothes." More photos: #My Dress My Choice This is not the first time a woman has been undressed for purported indecent dressing in the East African nation, which is a majority Christian.

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It grips from first few (very gory minutes) and does not let up.

The first homemade sex tape starring Hugh Hefner's former girlfriend did the rounds on the internet - as well as revealing stills from the video - as she embarked on her jungle challenge a few weeks ago.

She said: 'There is such a thing as depression and even a big guy like you [Jake Quickenden], you have to hear people's cries and I didn't.

Leaving aside the excellent writing, direction and acting, the series' visuals are simply stunning.

Every shot seemed to be crafted with precision and a beautiful, minimalist sensibility.

The worst thing was that there were so many children working there as slaves.

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