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30-Oct-2017 13:51

I've always had the understanding that the gold cut-out hat emblems were US Army WAC and not USAF, but since these came together, I'm now wondering if the hat emblem is USAF?

The discs are without hallmarks and the hat emblem is KREW, G. Does anyone know for sure if USAF wore these gold cut-out hat emblems before they switched to the silver cut-outs?

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BTW - Bob, this early USAF thread was an excellent idea!Wayne (World B.) Otto and David (Bigs) Gragg will be manning the booth all week and will have "special appearances" and setup help from Greg Mette, David Brauer, Brian Campbell and Dan "The Man" Musilek from the nearby NCAA Summit League offices in Elmhurst.We are also expecting the Summit League commissioner himself, Tom Douple, to stop by the Game Worn booth!!!In 1775 the Continental Congress adopted brown, not blue, as the official color for the uniforms.

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This was already a popular color with the New England Provincials.This increased when, in the spring of 1778, a shipment of blue coats arrived from France.

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