Sexy chat in nairobi

29-Oct-2017 16:43

More often than not, this will happen when you are almost getting married or have come of age.

For men the whole affair involves a pat on the shoulder accompanied by ‘you are now a man’. Has technology made conversations about sex and sexual reproductive health easier?

Octopizzo—as he is known to his fans—is a rising hip-hop star from Kibera, a Nairobi neighborhood whose tagline is “the biggest slum in Africa.” He is one of the ones who found a way out, and he wants to help bridge the gap between places like Kibera and the so-called uptown—the wealthier stretches of Nairobi.

Whats App has become notorious and whats App groups are created in exchange for nude pictures, pornography and other sexually attracting materials.

Some advertise online, others advertise in local media.